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Welcome to my store: Yin’s Shop!

I am always fascinated about learning. I have been learning since, … well, since I was born. I almost always track my learning curve and I definitely attempt with the best efforts to learn from my mistakes.

I absolutely enjoyed the process and I have been sharing my friends since I was a kid. This store I put up some of the most popular products I have ever done in my life on the market for family, friends, and anyone who is interested in stock market, machine learning, statistics, and data science!

These products are:


This section provides notes and materials written by myself from courses learned both on and off campus. They are not necessarily class notes or homework solutions but really something I have collected from personal point of view in support of learning the course modules.


This section provides coding products and statistical software programs I have coded, written, designed, and maintained myself. They have served my work in analyzing big data as well as stock universe proudly and the results are fabulously fruitful.


This section offers video education and online learning platform for people who are interested in learning about my experience as former AQR quant and ex-WallStreet trader.

[4] MUSIC:

This section offers relaxing and soothing piano music played by myself. These music are great sources to play in the background and I loved playing every second of them!

If you decide to support my efforts by buying the products, I will definitely put down the time to walk you through my experience and what I have down with these products.


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