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Yin’s Quantum Branch

We are the next gen human-AI hybrid, the best mankind will ever have.

We understand it is a struggle to excavate hidden secrets in large-scale or complex data sets. We understand it is wildly difficult to find a way to navigate and to tell stories about data in correct and efficient manners. We understand it is radical to unlock the hidden secrets of data sets and to not just suggest but to deliver AI-driven business insights to maximize your profits.

Let us help you with that!

At Yin’s Quantum Branch, we provide talents through freelance consulting service to unleash the impossible and hidden secrets in your data by implementing and tailoring personalized, end-to-end, advanced analytical and AI-driven business solutions. We design, build, and scale AI-driven solutions for you and we believe such transformation can provide radical changes for your company.

We look forward to hearing from you! Our freelance consulting service charges hourly rate and rates are dependent on projects. We accept payments through PayPal. However, the first hour of consulting fee is free. Please feel free to contact us using contact forms here. We welcome all sorts of messages.

  • For individuals or other personal use: to get you started ahead, it is helpful for us if, under your data safety protocols, you can let us know a little what are some challenging tasks that you need help with. For example, without disclosing the content of the data, one can discuss the following questions. What is the size or shape of the data set? What type of machine learning algorithm has been tested and what are some algorithms that you are interested in testing out? What is the benchmark performance? What is the required or ideal performance you want us to achieve?
  • For industrial clients: under strict data safety protocol, tell us the challenges you have. Whether if it is a project on realizing millions of dollars in savings on medical researches, on reducing costs from credit card defaults, or on increasing traffic safety by predicting number of fatalities, we love to hear about your problems and see if there is anyway we can contribute.
  • SAMPLE: see shipped Statistical Software Package for former cases or more at Yin’s Shop.

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