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Yin’s Q Branch

We are the next gen human-AI hybrid, the best mankind will ever have.


This is the playlist “Yin’s Q Branch” at YouTube Channel of Yin’s Capital.

Ep1 – Parallel Incoming Conflict Simulation Ep2 – How I Time Stock Market?
Ep3 – How to soft code? Ep4 – How to visualize Pi?
Ep5 – The Basics in Money Management Ep6 – How I Time Stock Market, a Qualitative Discussion
Ep7 – How I Time Stock Market, a Machine Learning Story Ep8 – Asset Pricing, First Class
Ep9 – Asset Pricing, Growth Strategy Ep10 – Asset Pricing, a Qualitative Discussion on Growth Strategy
Ep11 – Asset Pricing, an AI Driven Strategy Ep12 – Asset Pricing, Hist Last Bow

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