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Video Channel

We are the next gen human-AI hybrid, the best mankind will ever have.

This is the YouTube Channel of Yins Capital.

Ep1 – Pilot Ep2 – Human AI Interaction
Ep3 – What is Fama Portfolio? (50 Years of Asset Pricing in 7 Min) Ep4 – Power of Cash
Ep5 – Arts and Science of Market Entry Ep6 – Who’s Caren?
Ep7 – Is it luck or skills? Ep8 – What have I learned from over 240 DS interviews?
Ep9 – What research do I do before entering stock market? Ep10 – What I wish to know as an international student in U.S.?
Ep11 – Data Science Technical Interview Deep Dive Ep12 – Top Three Signs for Experienced Money Managers
Ep13 – Auction Theory, Lost Art in Money Management Ep14 – Why is education important in Money Management
Ep15 – What are some things that I do but others don’t in stock market? Ep16 – Top Three Stock Market Instincts
Ep17 – Machine Learning in Money Management

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