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This is the YouTube Channel of Yin’s Capital.



Coffee Time with Mr. Yin!: YouTube or Here

This playlist presents videos that is specifically made for coffee time! Every day during morning breakfast or at lunch break, feel free to watch this video series. All videos are aimed to explain a simple story in Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, or Money Management and each episode lasts about 7 minutes. Is it coffee time for you? Time to have a drink with Mr. Yin!

Yin’s Q Branch: YouTube or Here

Welcome to Yin’s Q Branch! This is a video series that is developed specifically focusing on coding aspect, and hence the name “Q Branch”. Here “Q” implies “quantitative”. Just like “Coffee Time with Mr. Yin!”, this playlist composes videos that targets the fields of data science, machine learning, and money management. Each video discusses a specific problem and dedicates most of its time to coding and writing computer scripts. Are you ready to code? Get your quant experience started with Mr. Yin!

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