Video Channel

This is the YouTube Channel of Yins Capital.

Coffee Time with Mr. Yin! This playlist is a series of small chats about topics in the field of data science, machine learning, deep learning and money management. I created this channel for the purpose spreading my knowledge as well as my mistakes about things I have tried in the past. When I was in the beginning of the learning curve, I hope to have a channel like this to solve my problems or at least to guide me. Hopefully this can be of good service for you all.
Yin’s R Branch This playlist is a portfolio of coding tutorials mostly focusing on asset pricing and some time-series visualizations in the field of money management. The videos use programming language R in RStudio environment. R allows practicing a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques like linear and nonlinear modeling, time-series analysis, classification, classical statistical tests, clustering. Moreover, R is a highly extensible and easy to learn and hence it serves the purpose of helping us achieving the goal.
Yin’s Squawk Box This playlist is a series of videos targeting chart analysis. From my former experience as a trader on the street, chart analysis is interesting and quite intriguing to look at. Though there is no science and theories behind any of this, it is interesting to discuss the potential correlation behind these type of visualizations.
YinsPy This playlist is a portfolio of video tutorials about machine learning, data science, deep learning, as well as money management. The programming language is Python and the environment is in Jupyter Lab. Python is a general purpose programming language. In this sense, we use the Python for developing both desktop and web applications which can assist tasks in the field data science and money management.
Yin’s Notepad Welcome to Yin’s Notepad! This playlist document some of the important life lessons I have had during the past years. I pilot the lists with Trinity Set, a philosophy I learned from my freshman advisor. I intend to develop more interesting and fun videos by further extending the knowledge beyond money management.
Collection in Statistics This playlist I am going to give brief discussion of statistics topics which is dedicated to undergrad and graduate students in beginning level of statistics. Episodes are breaking down in particular problems and topics. However, it is recommended to watch this sequentially.