Teachings Instructor Year
Yin’s Capital YouTube Channel Yiqiao Yin July 2019 – Present
Introduction to Financial Mathematics (Undergraduate) (1) Mihai Băileşteanu (2013 Fall), notes updated by Kyle Hambrook 2013 Fall
Probability Theory (Undergraduate) (2) Shaw-Hwa Lo 2018 Fall
Statistical Machine Learning (Undergraduate) Linxi Liu 2019 Spring

(1) Special thanks to instructor Kyle Hambrook at University of Rochester to update notes for this class this year. The Math 210 Financial Mathematics site is here. This is an update for when I was Teaching Assistant for this class for Mihai Băileşteanu in Fall of 2013 and the notes are not-for-profit.
(2) Special thanks to instructor Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo at Columbia University to provide the teaching materials including notes, homework, and practice exams. I am TA of this class for 2018 Fall semester. Welcome!