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Shawhwa Lo’s Papers

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It is an absolute great honor to follow Professor Shaw-Hwa Lo, the best statistician and senior faculty at Columbia University. If you are interested, please refer to the following list for selected work.

Professor Lo’s Selected Work:

Lo, S. H., and Zhou, W (2018) Analysis of genotype by methylation interactions through sparsity-inducing regularized regression, BMC Proceedings, 12(S9) · September 2018. Link here.
Lo, S. H., Zheng T, Auerbach J, and Hsu L (2018) Coping with family structure in genome-wide association studies: a comparative evaluation, BMC proceedings 12(S9) · September 2018. Link here.
Chernoff, H., Lo, S.-H., Zheng, T. and Lo, A (2017) Estimating the theoretical error rate for prediction, Working Paper, September 2017. Link here.
Lo, A., Chernoff, H., Zheng, T., and Lo, S.-H. (2016) Framework for making better predictions bydirectly estimating variables’ predictivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(50) 14277-14282. Link here.
Lo, A., Agne, M., Auerbach, J., Fan, R., Lo, S.-H., Wang, P. and Zheng, T.5 (2016) Network-guided interaction mining for the blood pressure phenotype. BMC proceedings for GAW19. BMC Proceeding 10 (7), 333. Link here.
Auerbach, J., Agne, M., Fan, R., Lo, A., Lo, S.-H., Zheng, T. and Wang, P. (2016) Identification regions of disease related variants in admixed populations with summation partition approach. BMC Proceedings for GAW 19. BMC proceedings 10 (7), 131. Link here.
Lo Adeline, Chernoff H., Zheng T., Lo S.-H (2015) Why Aren’t Significant Variants Automatically Good Predictors. PNAS 2015 112 (45) 13892-13897; published ahead of print October 26, 2015, doi:10.1073/pnas.1518285112. Link here.
MH Wang, K Tsoi, X Lai, M Chong, B Zee, T Zheng, SH Lo, I Hu (2015) Two Screening Methods for Genetic Association Study with Application to Psoriasis Microarray Data Sets, Big Data (BigData Congress), 2015 IEEE International Congress on, 324-32. Link here.
Michael Agne ,Chien-Hsun Huang, Inchi Hu, Haitian Wang, Tian Zheng, Shaw-Hwa Lo (2014) Considering Interactive Effects in the Identification of Influential Regions with Extremely Rare Variants via Fixed Bin Approach. BMC Proceedings for GAW 18;8:S7. Link here.
Maggie Haitian Wang, Chien-Hsun Huang, Tian Zheng, Shaw-Hwa Lo, Inchi Hu (2014) Discovering pure gene–environment interactions in blood pressure GWAS data: a two-step approach incorporating a new statistics. BMC Proceedings for GAW18; 8:S62. Link here.
Fan R., Huang C. H., Hu I., Wang H., Zheng T., Lo S.-H. (2014) A partition-based approach to identify gene-environmental interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies. BMC Proceedings for Genetic Analysis Workshop 18; 8: S60. Link here.
Liu Y., Huang C. H., Hu I., Lo S.-H., and Zheng, T (2014) A dual clustering framework for association screening with whole genome sequencing data and functional traits. BMC Proceedings for Genetic Analysis Workshop 18;8:S47. Link here.
Fan R., Lo S.-H (2013, December) A Robust Model-free Approach for Rare Variants Association Studies Incorporating Gene-Gene and Gene-Environmental Interactions. Plos One 10.1371/0083057. Link here.
Wang, H. Lo, S.-H., Zheng, T. and Hu, I. (2012) Interaction-based feature selection and classification for high-dimensional biological data. Bioinformatics 28(21)2834-2842. Link here.
Haitian Wang, Shaw-Hwa Lo, Tian Zheng, Inchi Hu (2011) A Classification Method Incorporating Interactions among Variables for High-dimensional Data. Submitted to JASA. Link here.
Wang, H., Huang, C.-H., Lo, S.-H., Zheng, T., and Hu, I. (2011) New insights on old methods in identifying causal rare variants. BMC Proceedings for the Genetic Analysis Workshop 17 (Boston ,MA) 5 (s9): s50. Link here.
Agne, M., Huang, C.-H., Hu, I., Wang, H., Zheng, T., and Lo, S.-H. (2011) GAW17-Identifying Influential Regions in Extremely Rare Variants via Fixed Bin Approach. BMC Proceedings for the Genetic Analysis Workshop 17 (Boston ,MA) 5 (s9): s3. Link here.
Huang, C.-H., Agne, M., Hu, I., Ionita-Laza, I., Zheng, T., and Lo, S.-H. (2011) GAW 17-Identifying Influential Variables on Unrelated Individual Data. GAW17 (Boston, MA). Link here.
Zheng T, Chernoff H, Hu I, Ionita-Laza I, Lo SH (2010) Handbook of Computational Statistics: Statistical Bioinformatics, eds Lu HHS, Scholkopf B, Zhao H (Springer, New York). Link here.
Chernoff H, Lo SH, Zheng T (2009) Discovering influential variables: A method of partitions. Ann Appl Stat 3(4):1335–1369. Link here.
Chernoff, H., Lo, S.-H. and Zheng, T. (2009) Supplement to “Discovering influential variables: A method of partitions.” DOI: 10.1214/09-AOAS265SUPP. Link here.
Lo, S. H., Chernoff, H., Cong, L., Ding, Y. and Zheng, T. (2008) Discovering interactions among BRCA1 and other candidate genes associated with sporadic breast cancer. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105 12387–12392. Link here.
Lo, S. H., and Zheng, T. (2008) Comment: Quantifying the Fraction of Missing Information for Hypothesis Testing in Statistical and Genetic Studies, Statistical Science 23(3):318-320 · August 2008. Link here.
Zheng, T., Wang, H. and Lo, S. H. (2006) Backward genotype-trait association (BGTA)-based dissection of complex traits in case-control designs. Hum. Hered. 62, 196–212. Link here.
Hwang,J-S.,Hu,T-H., Lo, Shaw-Hwa. (2006) Evaluation and application of a backward screening algorithm for the identification of a large number of quantitative trait loci. Submitted. Link here.
Lo, S. H. and Zheng, T. (2004) A demonstration and findings of a statistical approach through reanalysis of inflammatory bowel disease data. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101, 10386–10391. Link here.
Lo, S. H., Liu, X., and Shao, Y (2003) A Marginal Likelihood Model for Family-Based Data, Annals of Human Genetics 67(Pt 4):357-66 · July 2003. Link here.
Lo, S. H. and Zheng, T. (2002) Backward haplotype transmission association (BHTA) algorithm—a fast multiple-marker screening method. Hum. Hered. 53 197–215. Link here.
Lo, S. H., and Chen Kani (1997) On the rate of uniform convergence of the product-limit estimator: Strong and weak laws, The Annals of Statistics 25(3) · June 1997. Link here.
Lo, S. H., and Chen Kani (1996) On bootstrap accuracy with censored data, The Annals of Statistics 24(2) · April 1996. Link here.
Lo, S. H., and Chen Kani (1995) On Strong Uniform Consistency of the Lynden-Bell Estimator for Truncated Data, The Annals of Statistics 23(2) · April 1995. Link here.

Fun Facts:

Professor Shawhwa Lo received the 2019 Chernoff Excellence in Statistics Awards, the most prestigious award bestowed by the NESS.

Professor Shawhwa Lo is a very good friend of Herman Chernoff. The following is a picture at Harvard 1986. Professor Lo was at Fred Mosteller’s 70th birthday event. From left to right: Shaw-Hwa Lo, PJH, Art Dempster, Herman Chernoff.



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