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Statistical Machine Learning [Master Collection]

Statistical Machine Learning [Master Collection]


This is the master collection of statistical machine learning materials by Yiqiao Yin over a span of three years of time. The product is a zip file containing everything from reference notes to computer codes as well as personal journals of the ups and downs during my advancement in my ML journey.



This is the master collection of all materials in Statistical Machine Learning. The product contains:

(1) Codes in R and Python,
(2) texts (classic textbooks in PDFs in Machine Learning),
(3) coding practices,
(4) personal machine learning journey,
(5) notes in Java,
(6) notes in decision trees,
(6) Python Reference Sheet & Stanford CS 230 Deep Learning Reference Sheet

Advanced topics in machine learning including:
– Neural Network and Graphical Models
– Simple Random Walk, PageRank Algorithm, Sequential Data, Markov Models
– Random Walk, Markov Models, Hidden Markov Models, and Graphical Representation
– Hidden Markov Model: Dishonest Casino
– Estimation Problem
– Filtering Problem
– Hidden Markov Model, EM Algorithm for HMMs, and Mixture Models
– Dirichlet Distribution, Multinomial-Dirichlet Distribution, and Bayesian Mixture Models
– Markov Random Fields, MRF as Smoothness Priors
– Segmentation of Noisy Images
– Sampling and Inference

The entire project took over 200 hours and it spans three years to collect the materials. At average data scientist rate ($100k in NYC, i.e. $50 per hour), this product is charged $9,999 (200 hours by $50 per hour).