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Central Intelligence Platform

Central Intelligence Platform


This product provides a zip file. The coding program specializes in the application of mathematical and statistical methods – such as numerical or quantitative techniques – to financial and risk management problems.



This app has an AI back-end that implements most information needed to make sound decisions in stock market. Decisions do not limit to trading or investing and do not subject to any style.

This product collects all quantitative experience of Yiqiao Yin since 2010 which mostly includes but not limited to:
(1) technical skills from being ex-Wall Street trader (1 year),
(2) asset pricing modules from AQR (1 year), and
(3) quantitative investigation of stock universe from Columbia University (3 years).

The product has about 7000 ~ 8000 lines of codes in R and the software is coded using Shiny App in R (an online user-friendly and interactive platform). Collectively, the work took me over 200 hours and the product is charged using average salary of any Data Scientist roles in NYC (about $100k a year which is about $50 per hour). In total, the product is charged $9,999.99 (50 USD per hour by 200 hours).